Aluminum foil braided signal transmission cable


Product name: twisted pair shielded wire
Product model: RVVPS 2*2*2.5
Product Description:
Conductor: 78/0.2 BC, OFC oxygen-free copper stranded, flexible conductor structure;
Insulation:  PVC new material, ID3.7, insulation color: red/blue, white/yellow;
Pair twist: twist according to chromatogram, 2 pairs;
Cable formation:  2 pairs plus filling and stranding;
Shielding: 100% aluminum foil shielding + woven mesh 216/0.1 BC pure copper structure, strong anti-interference ability;
Sheath: black new material PVC, OD14.7, extruded structure, to provide the best protection for the core;
Logo: printing meter to ensure the length is accurate, easy to measure and cut during installation and use;
Packing: 100 meters
Product Usage: Control line of medium speed ball machine and high speed ball machine;
Twisted twisted shielded wire is suitable for power control signal transmission. The core adopts a twisted structure and has strong interference suppression capability. It is especially suitable for the transmission of RS485/RS422/RS232 industrial control signals, also called "RVSP", "RVPS" or RS485 dedicated transmission line.
It can be used instead of imported products, one pair of wires transmits control signals, and one pair of wires transmits power signals.
The characteristic impedance is 120 ohms.