Oxygen free copper Pvc insulated shielded wire


Product name: PVC shielded wire
Product model: RVVP 16*0.3
Product Description:
Conductor: 16/0.15 oxygen-free copper (OFC BC), stranded multiple thin copper wires, flexible conductor structure;
Insulation: PVC new material ID1.7 solid color + color bar identification, full chromatogram identification, convenient for wiring during installation;
Cable formation: 16-core layered regular stranding, wrapped with moisture-proof PET tape;
Shielding: 100% shielding of longitudinally wrapped aluminum foil, anti-high frequency interference + braided 144 mesh oxygen-free copper, braided pure copper mesh, anti-low frequency interference Double shielding structure, excellent anti-interference performance;
Sheath: black PVC new material OD10.9 new material for sheath and insulation, better protection performance;
Logo: Printed meter meter, easy to cut and calculate the amount when used, to ensure sufficient meter;
Packing: 100 meters
Product Usage: Flexible conductor structure, PVC insulation, aluminum foil + braided shield, PVC sheath.
It is used in the connection of anti-interference cables such as intelligent building automation control system, anti-theft alarm system, fire protection system, three-meter self-reading system, communication, audio, sound system, instrumentation, electronic equipment and automation equipment for signal transmission and control operation , The cable has good anti-interference performance, which is more suitable for the safe transmission of signals;
Access control video intercom cable, card reader signal cable;
Audio bus cable;
Equipment power signal control cable;
Harness terminal connection cable...