PVC sheathed wire


product name: PVC Shielded wire (300/300V)
Model specification: RVVP 20*0.5 (216 series)
Product Standards: (REF) JB/T 8734.5-2016
conductor: 16/0.2 BC (OFC oxygen-free copper), soft conductor stranded structure, suitable for mobile use in general occasions;
insulation: New PVC material, ID2.0, 19-core white (printed numbers 1-19) + two-color (ground wire), convenient for wiring installation and identification;
Cable: 20-core twisted, wrapped waterproof PET tape;
shield: Aluminum foil 100% shielding + braided copper mesh 216/0.1 BC, double-layer shielding structure, strong anti-interference ability;
jacket: Black PVC new material, OD13.2, semi-extruded structure, providing the best protection performance;
Logo: Printed meters to ensure the length, easy to cut and measure when using;
package: 100 meters
Product Usage: The power signal control transmission cable for equipment connection is used to connect the equipment to the operation panel and transmit signals;
Access control video intercom cable | Credit card machine signal connection cable;
Floor control cable, ladder control cable, audio cable...