Power cable type and variety


The types and varieties of power cables mainly have the following aspects:

35kV and below power cable models and product representation methods

1. The uppercase of the first letter of Chinese Pinyin indicates the type of insulation, conductor material, inner sheath material and structural features. For example, Z stands for paper (zhi); L stands for aluminum (lv); Q stands for lead (qian); F stands for phase separation (fen); ZR stands for flame retardant (zuran); NH stands for fire resistance (naihuo)

2. The number of outer sheaths is represented by numbers and has two digits. No number represents no armor layer, no outer layer. The first digit indicates the armor and the second digit indicates the outer quilt, as indicated by the thick steel armor fiber.

3. The cable type is generally arranged according to the arrangement of the cable structure: insulating material; conductor material; inner sheath; outer sheath.

4. Cable products are indicated by model, rated voltage and specifications. The method is to add an Arabic number indicating the rated voltage, the number of cores and the nominal cross-sectional area after the model number. For example, VV42-10 3×50 means copper core, PVC insulated, thick steel wire armor, PVC sheath, rated voltage 10kV, 3 core, nominal cross-sectional area 50mm2 power cable.

The code number of each part of the power cable model and its meaning

1. Insulation type: V stands for polyvinyl chloride; X stands for rubber; Y stands for polyethylene; YJ stands for cross-linked polyethylene; Z stands for paper.

2. Conductor material: L represents aluminum; T (omitted) represents copper.

3. Inner sheath: V stands for PVC sheath; Y polyethylene sheath; L aluminum sheath; Q lead sheath; H rubber sheath; F neoprene sheath.

4. Characteristics: D does not drip; F phase separation; CY oil filling; P lean oil dry insulation; P shielding; Z DC.

5. Control layer: 0 no; 2 double steel strip; 3 thin steel wire; 4 thick steel wire.

6. Outer layer: 0 no; 1 fiber outer; 2 polyvinyl chloride sheath; 3 polyethylene sheath.

7. Flame-retardant cable is added with ZR before the code number; fire-resistant cable is added with NH before the code.

Oil-filled cable model and product representation

The oil-filled cable model consists of the product serial code and the cable structure. Self-contained oil-filled cable product line code CY. The outer sheath structure is represented by a combination of the reinforcing layer, the armor layer and the outer layer from the inside to the outside. The insulation type, conductor material, inner sheath code and the order of each code and the product are expressed in the same way as 35kV and below power cables. Such as CYZQ102 220/1×4 means copper core, paper insulation, lead sheath, copper belt radial reinforcement, unarmored, PVC sheath, rated voltage 220kV, single core, nominal cross-sectional area 400mm2 Oil-filled cable.

The outer layer of the oil-filled cable is coded as

1. Strengthening layer: 1 represents the radial strengthening of the copper strip; 2 represents the radial strengthening of the stainless steel strip; 3 the radial reinforcement of the steel strip; 4 the radial and narrow stainless steel strip of the stainless steel strip is longitudinally reinforced.

2. Armor layer: 0 no armor; 2 steel belt armor; 4 thick steel wire armor.

3. Outer layer: 1 fiber layer; 2 PVC sheath; 3 polyethylene sheath.