The meaning of the letters in the wire and cable


The meaning of the pinyin letters in the product model (words without parentheses)

A: (poly)amine (fat), security (amplifier), aluminum plastic sheath (Alpeth)

B: flat, half, braided (woven), pump, cloth, (poly) benzene (ethylene), glass (glass fiber), supplement, parallel

C: car, alcohol, mining (excavator), porcelain, heavy (type), marine, electricity storage (pool), magnetic charge, reimbursement, (yellow wax) silk, (three) vinegar (acid film), self-supporting

D: belt, (not) drop (flow), lamp, electricity, (cold) freezing (ie cold resistance), butyl (base rubber), plating

E: two (layer), wild (outside), symmetrical structure (code), B (acryl) (EPR)

F: (polytetra) fluorine (ethylene), sub (phase), non (flammability), flying (machine), foamed polyethylene (YF)

G: steel, ditch, modified (paint), pipe, high (pressure)

H: combined (gold), ring (oxygen paint), welding, flower, communication cable (use code), H (H type, that is, phase separation shielding structure), cold

J: twisting, adding (strong), adding (thick), sawing, bureau (using)

K: (true) empty, card (Plong), control, armor, hollow.

L: aluminum, furnace, wax (g), leaching (cyan), (anti) thunder, phosphorus

M: cotton (yarn), hemp, mother (wire), cap, film

N: (self) sticky (sex), mud (charcoal), (high resistance) ni (wire core), ni (long), fire resistant

O: coaxial (structural code)

P: row, (core) screen (cover), distribution (line), lean (pan-impregnated, ie dry insulation), signal cable (use code)

Q: Pull (leading), paint, lead, light (type), gas, steam (vehicle), high (strength polyvinyl acetal)

R: soft, human (made) silk, daily use (use code), (resistant) heat (chemical).

S: brush, wire, RF (use code), double, steel plastic sheath (Stalpeth), low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant sheath

T: copper, ladder, special, pass, pottery, elevator, exploration

U: mine, cotton (referring to asbestos), mining (use code)

V: (P) V (C) (polyvinyl chloride)

W: (Earth) (Corner), wrinkle sheath, no (magnetic), (high) temperature, (wild), oil (use code)

X: rubber (force cable), polyamide, rubber (skin insulation)

Y: hard, garden, oil, oxygen, (resistant) oil, mobile (use code), polyethylene, pressure

Z: (poly) ester, paper, (electric) drill, medium, comprehensive (combined)

YJ: XLPE insulation

P2: copper tape shielding

ZRK: series code, indicating flame-retardant control cable