HiFi 音频扬声器电线


Product name: high-fidelity audio dedicated cable
Product model: 2C*1.5
Conductor: 45/0.12*3 BC/TC, stranded and then twisted, flexible conductor structure, bare copper on one side and tinned copper on the other;
Insulation: soft PE ID2.7
Pair twist: 1 pair
Sheath: transparent PVC OD7.4 extrusion type
Logo: printing meter
Packing: 100 meters
Product Usage: Connect the speaker and the power amplifier, and transmit the audio signal amplified by the power amplifier;
Replace the RVV power cord of the same specification;
Instead of the same specification towcable cable with 2 cores and 1.5 square meters, it is more flexible and more resistant to
Connect the audio banana plugs at both ends to form an audio fever cable (the length can be customized).