Av电缆 扬声器线透明Pvc


Product Name: 100 high fax audio cable
Model and specification: RVB 2*36/0.12
Conductor: 12 / 0.12 * 3 BC / TC, 60 copper strands on one side, 4N OFC oxygen free copper / red copper conductor, one side bare copper and one side tinned copper;
Insulation: LDPE id1.5, transparent nonpolar molecular material, directly contact with copper conductor, will not lead to oxidation discoloration, excellent electrical properties;
Sheath: Transparent PVC two core insulation parallel extrusion, overall dimension (thickness * width): 3.2 * 6.7;
Logo: Spray printing meter to ensure accurate length;
packing: 80m
Product Description: The conductor adopts the technology of bundle stranding and compound stranding, with uniform structure and good flexibility, which is conducive to the transmission of sound quality;
Imported transparent PE material is used as insulation layer to prevent conductor from discoloration and ensure long service life of cable;
The sheath is made of transparent PVC, which can visually inspect the cable structure. It shows that one side of the finished cable is gold and the other side is silver, which conforms to the appellation of "gold and silver wire" and "transparent wire" on the market.
The cable body sign adopts spray printing and meter counting, with accurate length and convenient cutting when using.
Reasonable design, simple and elegant, cost-effective
Product use: It is used to connect power amplifier and speaker (2.1 5.1 7.1 panoramic surround sound connection) to transmit audio signal amplified by power amplifier. It is suitable for audio signal transmission of home, office and background music system;
Products can be cut and sold according to the required length;
The size of finished wire is suitable for the connection of automobile sound horn, and it is used for upgrading of automobile audio system.