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UHV construction speed
  Days learned from the State Grid Corporation, China's own R & D, design and build the world's first UHV DC pilot project since January 6, 2009 has been put into operation safe and stable operation for three years, a total of 26 billion kilowatts of transmission Time. UHV DC project achieved significant energy infrastructure of innovation and research in the field of construction of UHV equipment has become China's electrical equipment manufacturing enterprises to the world's gold card.
  Through engineering practice, our country into a world-class UHV research system, a comprehensive grasp of UHV AC and DC transmission core technology that dramatically improves the power grid technology and innovation capacity in China. The successful development of the world's highest level on behalf of the full set of UHV AC and DC devices, equipment localization rate of 90%, mastered the UHV core technology equipment manufacturers, with a UHV AC and DC equipment production capacity, promote domestic electrical equipment manufacturing realization of industrial upgrading and leapfrog development. The world's first study presents UHV AC and DC transmission technology standard system, China has established a leading position in UHV transmission technology research, equipment manufacturing, engineering design, construction and operation areas.
  At present, China's 104 cities all heavy acid rain in the central and eastern regions, sulfur dioxide emissions in the eastern part of the unit land area is 5.2 times the West, has been basically no coal development environment space. 2010 coal by rail provinces Sinotrans scale 20 million tons, accounting for 64.5% of total production of coal, accounting for 55% of rail freight; coal Sinotrans scale road more than 500 million tons. Coal transport links close to 60% of the cost of the coal plant. High cost and low efficiency of energy transmission, resulting in coal capacity recurring tensions.
  State Grid Corporation responsible person today in an interview with reporters, said the construction of UHV is significant economic, environmental and other aspects. If you have completed the construction of UHV layout according to the State Grid Corporation of planning, "Three West" regional coal power transmission ratio from the current 20: 1, optimized for 2015 of 8: 1 in 2020 to 4: 1; can promote clean energy development 2020 in the eastern part of consumptive alien 73.7 million kilowatts of hydropower, wind, fire, through bundling, can deliver the "three North" region in the eastern part of the wind power to 71 million kilowatts. Meanwhile, in 2020 the eastern region to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions by 560,000 tons per year to reduce the environmental damage 4.5 billion over the next decade to save 4700 hectares of land in eastern and effectively reduce the total cost of the power supply.