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Accelerate the development of UHV power grid construction

  UHV DC project is the exchange of representative of the world's highest level, the DC transmission project. The successful development of the project, is a major innovation of energy and basic research in the field of construction, has become China's power grid construction, operation level to a whole new level of an important symbol.
  Since January 6, 2009 put into operation so far, China's first UHV independent research and development, design, manufacture and construction --1 000 kilovolt Jindongnan - Nanyang - Jingmen UHV AC pilot demonstration project has maintained safe and stable operation. As of November last year, it has a total of 26 billion kwh electricity transmission, complete the North-South 160 billion kwh, equivalent to coal Sinotrans about 800 million tons, more than 400 to reduce the Datong-Qinhuangdao Railway train capacity. With this "power day road" Central China power transmission to the North China Power Grid to clean water and electricity over 90 billion kWh, reducing the wet period in abandoned coal water while saving more than 430 million tons, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 10 million tons.
  For a long time, very few people to be seen as power transmission means of transportation. However, compared with the ground running coal trains, cars, UHV grid this "Power-day road" faster, more economical and more environmentally friendly.
  "UHV grid refers to the exchange of 1000 kV, 800 kV and above positive and negative DC voltage level of the transmission network, its biggest feature is the long-distance, high-capacity, low-loss transfer of power." State Grid Corporation of Development and Planning Department deputy Director Zhang Zhengling said.
  Energy resource endowments determine energy development. 76% of coal resources in the north and northwest; 80% of the distribution of water resources in the southwest; the vast majority of terrestrial wind energy, solar energy resources in the northwest. Meanwhile, more than 70% of the energy demand is concentrated in a distance of 1000 km to 3000 km East Midlands, energy base and load center. Abundant energy resources in the western, northern construction of the power, and then the power to the load centers can solve these problems. In terms of energy conservation, UHV is needed to support large-scale development of clean energy. Some time ago, Inner Mongolia Wind Power "sun" send no question of wide public concern. In fact, wind power must be integrated into the power grid, transportation network if UHV cross by expanding absorptive capacity of clean energy, the national scale wind power development amounted to 100 million kilowatts or more.
  State Grid Corporation, "five" during the construction of large-scale energy base in connection with major load centers, "three vertical and three horizontal" backbone grid of UHV DC transmission project and 16 (including 14 HVDC), the formation of large scale "West to East", "North-South power transmission," the energy distribution pattern, the basic completion of UHV power grid as the backbone, the coordinated development of power at all levels, with information technology, automation, interactive features strong smart grid, resource allocation grid capacity, economic efficiency, safety level, technological level and the level of intelligence overall.
  At present, China has built two special high voltage engineering, is a 1000 kV southeastern Shanxi - Nanyang - Jingmen UHV AC pilot demonstration project, and the other is ± 800 kV Xiangjiaba - Shanghai HVDC transmission project. Huainan Anhui Power Transmission - Northern Zhejiang - Shanghai UHV engineering, has won the State Development and Reform Commission approved construction plans in 2013 put into operation.
  "Electricity supply situation is tight in some areas in recent years gradually spread, in 2011 the country's largest electricity shortfall of about 30 million kilowatts." Zhangzheng Ling said, "China is in an important period of rapid industrialization and urbanization development, energy demand has rigid growth characteristics. last year, overall tight power supply and demand situation, the next few years, power supply and demand situation is more severe. I hope more UHV projects approved as soon as possible. "