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How to determine the quality of the cable beautiful
  First, the quality of the copper cables use high purity oxygen-free copper, copper core bright color, poor copper surface bleaker.
  Second, the use of high-quality plastic plastic original plastic, good bending performance, no cable bending texture difference recycled plastic after bending several times there will be significant texture, fracture after repeated bending.
  Third, the number of meters feet meters on the hands and feet may be more difficult to find, because customers generally do not actually measured in meters equipment, using the same method will be able to weigh that cable is enough rice. Or let the plant when printed on the meter scale is also a good method, but it should be noted that the diameter of less than 5mm line is no way to print meter targets.
  Fourth, the square foot Copper is a noble metal, if you lose a little on the copper diameter, can reduce the amount of raw material costs, in which case you need a micrometer to measure the diameter of the wire. Without micrometer, the easier way is to take the entire volume of said wires to see if lighter than a lot of high-quality cable. Or may be given with reference to the nominal weight of the plant. Some factories nominal weight given low natural quality of the product is not guaranteed.
  Fifth, the materials in order to ensure round the cable for multi-core cable line core will be added to the filler, and the thickness of the sheath made of relatively thick, get our hands if the cable is very rounded, indicating that the filler is added small, and so thin jacket.
  Six wire bundles in the production of multi-strand copper wire bundle will be carried out to improve the tensile properties of the copper core, the tightness of the whole circle of the electrical performance and the insulating layer, but due to wire bundles will increase the use of copper, so many factories omit this step, the resolution of the method is to cut the cable wire, copper wire inside to see if there are regular twisted together.
  Seven cable with braided copper mesh braid, braid raw material costs account for a significant part of the cable, and the coverage of the braid directly affect the electrical properties of the cable, at the same time, tightly woven layers may increase the strength of the cable, reducing in a state where the electrical cable bending performance degradation. So look at whether high coverage braid, braid even close, is an important means to differentiate the cable.
  Eight, some foam insulation foam cable needs to enhance its electrical properties, mainly foaming chemical foaming and physical foaming, chemical production does not require special equipment, it is inexpensive, but it produces bubbles of different sizes, electrical performance is poor. Physical foaming requires expensive equipment, but which produces a uniform fine bubbles under the collapsed state, low attenuation, good electrical properties. You can cut this cable core, it was observed whether the foam layer uniform fine bubbles.