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Job Title: Business manager in Africa
Nature of work:
Demand Department: Marketing
Reports to: Director of Marketing
Location: Kenya

Job mailbox:job@tcwires.com

1. Implementation of the company rules and regulations and related processes;
2. Africa office is responsible for developing work plans;
3. Responsible for each member of the African office team work scheduling, coordination and management;
4. Responsible in accordance with the company's goals, to develop the African market;
5. Responsible for regularly or irregularly timely reporting process, special events and special status to director of marketing;
6. During the non-resident is responsible for the costs and expenses and the cost of control is proposed procurement requirements and budget;
7. Africa is responsible for customer management, relevant business communication and negotiation;
8. Africa is responsible for archiving business documents, sorting, storage and transfer of work;
9. Timely completion of other tasks assigned by superiors.
1, Bachelor degree or above, power-related professional and specialized foreign trade priority, English can be used as working languages;
2, 5 years and above work experience in foreign trade and more than 3 or management experience in foreign trade
3, with the basic theoretical knowledge of power systems, power engineering construction familiar with the process;
4, overseas work experience is preferred
5, with a strong sense of responsibility and professionalism, integrity, has strong affinity and compression capabilities.

Employee Care

Talent Development
Companies to implement performance and capability-oriented talent development system. Performance evaluation results Pingxianpingyou, incentive pay, career development, training, staff optimization hook; to fully mobilize employees to achieve business goals of the initiative and creativity, and individual employees pay income linked to performance, compensation and benefits to employees merit tilt .